Cue haunting music…no, scratch that, this isn’t about the Godfather but the Grainfather, a nano brewery and the ideal birthday present for the man who has everything (read that as the man who has very specific tastes).  Duly ordered and delivered, and with no expectation of being wrapped as DH had researched and selected the system himself, the Grainfather took up residence behind the settee in the lounge, ready for action.  But I wanted to come up with a surprise for the day itself.

My DH now knows that yarn is likely to play a part in celebrating any special occasions, so he wasn’t surprised to receive these knitted offerings.  The reason?  Because he’s planning to name his first brew after his number one fan who, apparently, snores.  I don’t believe it myself, never having heard this person in action, but I like the idea of  themed knits.  Can you guess the name?

Beer tankard, adapted from Marian Pettitt Garner’s mug pattern


Ted hat







Old Growler on Parade. That’s right – Old Growler (I don’t know what he means)

Thanks to Jo of Jo’s Big Knit for the Bearskin pattern, and for showcasing the mug pattern by Marian Pettitt Garner, and to Age UK for the variety of patterns for any occasion.