Now, you and I know that knitting is great, it’s fantastic, it’s relaxing, productive and over all GREAT.  What I love about it most of all is the fact that knitted gifts are unique.  People can buy and receive new baby cards or 25th wedding anniversary cards, and they might even keep one or two of them, the rest hitting the recycling box at some time in the future when it’s time to declutter.  However, a knitted memento is different – could be useful, certainly unique and, without doubt, special.

Maroon and white Chemistry Bristol University

Light grey Computer Science Birmingham University











A bottle of champagne, of course, but with a knitted mortar board for the bottle, embellished with a tassel in the relevant colour of their degree subject and qualification,reflected in the hood and gown? Oh yes.

Thanks to Chris Randall for sharing this design, and to Jo for her inspiration

Note: When researching on the gown-hiring site that students use to book the right colour hood for their subject and qualification, I came across this question and answer…

Q. I’m not sure what degree I am on

A.  Unfortunately, we are unable to tell you what you have been studying for, please ask your course tutor or the university or college registry :/