I’m not a hat person.  Never have been.  Whether it’s a wide-brimmed sun hat, a fascinator, a beanie or a bobble hat, I always look like somebody’s maiden aunt.  Worse, particularly when I remove the hat, I get a glimpse of my future eighty-year-old self.  A baseball cap is slightly better but jars with a smart coat and has few insulating properties.  However, the head band has solved most of those problems.

Apart from on the ski slopes, I spotted one, sported by a sharp dresser on the high street.  I looked online, gasped at the cost and, naturally, began to search for woolly DIY equivalents.  There is nothing that cannot be made with yarn and needles, and given the size of the thing a head band doesn’t take forever – exactly my sort of project.

Head band, ski band, ear warmer (or is that a pair of ear warmers?)  – call it what you like, it keeps my ears and the back of my head snug.  Not wearing formal dress very often these days, a head band goes with my current ‘style’ (such as it is); and hat hair being an unavoidable consequence of anything on the head,  the only requirement is that, once it’s on, it stays on until I get home…

Pretty, practical or fun, there’s a pattern out there for you.

Cozy Posy Ear Warmers created by Heather Feather simplyheatherfeather.blogspot.co.uk

Thanks to Heather Feather for these Cozy Posy Ear Warmers.


This seed stitch pattern is so easy to follow and so effective. Out of all the headbands, this is the one that has attracted most attention.


Find the pattern here.










Knitting these Chunky Cable Knit headbands, courtesy of Michelle at The Snugglery, is a great opportunity to practise your cables, and it’s easy enough to do while you catch up on your favourite film.



Find the free pattern here.












I’ve never come across this stitch – English Rib – before. A little tricky to start with but once you’ve got the rhythm, so easy.


Thanks to Garn Studio for this free pattern, which you can get for yourself here.