One of the toddlers on my list for knitted presents loves vehicles but I found a pattern for a double decker bus too late during this Christmas Knitting Frenzy of 2022 – I’d already plumped for two boats and a light house. The pattern is from 100 Little Knitted Projects by Sarah Keen and I have seen at least another 20 projects I’d like to make, from a lollipop and an ice lolly (I love knitted food) to Noughts and Crosses and dominoes.

The introduction suggests each project could be done in an evening: even if you’re not a speedy knitter, you can make good progress in a few hours and is therefore a satisfying undertaking. All the toys are knitted in DK yarn, acrylic recommended, and on 3.25 mm/UK10 needles. The finished boat and lighthouse are about 10cms/4” high, perfect for toddlers’ hands. 

Ahoy there, lighthouse keeper!

I found them easy to knit but fiddly to make up with all those stripes of the lighthouse and joining together the sails and attaching sails to hull.  I wanted the boats to be able to stand up unaided and added 4 extra rows after casting on one of the hull sides. Also, I’m not keen on attaching bits to the main toy, choking hazards always in the back of my mind, so instead of buttons as decoration I embroidered some shapes.

I’ve found that I don’t much like stuffing toys either, or having to insert cardboard to strengthen or make a base. Still, I recommend this book absolutely and I know I will make more from it, I’m probably just all knitted out in the rush before Christmas. I think the final picture shows a successful project, and I know he liked it 🙂

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