It’s that froggy time of year again; time to find or make something along amphibian lines for my friend’s birthday, something that can be sent through the post to arrive on the day.  Now, I’ve nothing against presents arriving after the event – how can I, after a three-present haul when we met up last month – catching up after a birthday or two…

Frogs in Freezing February

Frogs in Freezing February

Fancy a cup of tree (frog)?

Hear no Frogs, Speak no Frogs, See no Frogs

Pimp my Frog                    This felted card was just one project produced in her Experimental Art class and she urged me to look around and find a class to unleash more creativity.













Pencil Pot à la Grenouille Well, painting some pottery at my local Crafty Cafe may not be as experimental as she suggested, but it’s a start (ribbit) The Crafty Cafe