Got a theme?  Want to make a gift?  Make a dishcloth!  There’s not one idea I’ve wanted to mark with a piece of knitting that I haven’t been able to fulfill with a dishcloth.

A French teacher’s thank you gift? OK, that one’s a phone case, but a friend’s planned trip driving from the south of France to visit her daughter in Portsmouth?  Voila, dishcloths to order, thanks to Marilyn Wallace of Knitting Heaven on Earth


Qualifying for dual citizenship was a good motive for embracing the Netherlands flag in dishcloth form and this one was easy to follow and to adapt to flag dimensions.  The Family Time Dishcloth pattern, thanks to Mara Licole of All That She Knits is a free pattern, also available from Ravelry

The knobbly texture produced by the stitch pattern gives the dishcloth the perfect attribute for washing up, though in my experience, these cloths are too beautiful and appreciated to be used.  This one is being used as a desk-top flag.