So knitting is a granny sport, is it?  On jury service recently I took in my ongoing project – flowers for a Mothers’ Day card – to make use of the time between sessions , and felt pretty daft when my scissors were confiscated after they showed up on the security X-ray.  Doh. But who needs scissors? I knitted on with my (bone) 5.5mm knitting sticks and foolishly queried at lunchtime why my needles were OK if my scissors weren’t?  They, too, were seized.  At the end of the day, and after some stern advice to leave my woolly arsenal at home in future, my tools of the trade were returned and, fully-armed, I disappeared into the crowd.

But who needs needles? Don’t mess with me or I’ll finger knit your shoelaces into a set of manacles before you can say ‘granny sport’…

Mothers' Day flowers

Mothers’ Day flowers

The flowers are really quick and easy to knit up with small amounts of yarn from your stash; find the pattern here Simple Flower  The stems are just long strips of plain stitch knitting of 4 or 6 stitches to suit your card size. I designed the card to satisfy my love of knitting, my creative bent and my desire to be original (and of course to put a smile on my mum’s face).  Job done.


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