Coming to the end of my first year ‘back in the loop’, so to speak, my Christmas projects are nearly complete and ready for wrapping.  It’s a great feeling, having produced gifts that are appropriate, useful, fun!  And they’ve kept my hands busy during the past few months, reducing my nibble intake – chocolate and cotton don’t mix…

These cloths have proved a diversion, a way to relax while still doing something, and a great excuse for searching the net for ideas, patterns and expertise.  I’ve learned a good few things on the way:

– how to block so that the designs really stand out and look their best for giving (apologies to those I gave in my pre-blocking days), and for photographing (you’ll see what I mean)

– that designing your own patterns is harder than it looks

– that the knitting fraternity is so generous with its time, skills, ideas and free patterns.  Thank you to everyone who has helped and inspired me this year.

Angel Cloth

Angel Cloth: ©2005 Rainy Kimbrough

Christmas Ornament

Christmas Ornament: ©2007 Emily Jagos

Christmas Ornament #2

Christmas Ornament

Christmas Stocking

Christmas Stocking : ©2006 Judith Prindle

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree: Rainy Kimbrough

Gobble !

Gobble ! © 2009 Elaine Fitzpatrick

Winter Snowflake

Winter Snowflake: © 2010 Kathleen Brundige

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