Oh dear.  The English are getting a bad name.  I gave some knitted Christmas pudding covers for individual chocolates to use as table favours at Christmas to my French friends.  They’ve since put a walnut in each one to preserve the pudding shape while they’re on display.  Their neighbour, recenty spotting them,  is now convinced that the English like to keep their walnuts in little individual woolly covers… she couldn’t stop laughing.  She laughed almost as much as she did on hearing that I’d made grape jelly with our grape harvest, rather than wine…

She has said she can’t wait to meet ‘the eccentric English woman’ when I visit in April, and has the bunting ready to welcome me.  However, she has admired the tea cup coasters I knitted for my friend and she’d quite like some. I shall make her a set and hope that I make a good impression when I give them to her.

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