I wanted something simple, seasonal and novel for my Christmas gifts this year, something quirky that would knit up quickly.  I found it with this very simple pattern for a Knitted Napkin Ring by Shellie Wilson.  All those paper napkins, used and abused at Christmas lunch and tea, could last well into Boxing Day if looked after properly.  A good linen serviette could last for days.  I had some appropriately coloured craft string, so got cracking.   Did I say simple?  I made the same mistake over and over until I got it right.  My mistake?  Not following instructions.  It really is a simple pattern, and even using rough, dense craft string, the pattern is visible and so 6 little beauties graced our Christmas Day table.

My pièce de résistance, however, was finding a photo of this Santa’s Outfit napkin ring holder for Father and Mother  Christmas, designed by Susan Lang http://www.ravelry.com

It looked simple enough.  I estimated, calculated and transliterated, then I put yarn and needles to work…  After making a huge ring that could hold a tea towel, I downsized my needles from 5mm to 4mm, changed to cotton yarn and reduced the number of rows for each colour.  All in stocking stitch; all good.  Then noticed in the original photo that the edging of Santa’s suit looked more full-bodied, so changed to garter stitch for the white rows.   It was looking better already and would enhance any well-dressed table.



Red is the classic colour, however…


…why stop there?  Rainbow Santa suits…  The French flag…  So many possibilities, too little time (for this Christmas, anyway).  Thanks to Susan Lang who designed the original Holiday Napkin Rings and inspired these.