It’s bootee season in my house at the moment. A new born due any moment in Norway and a mother-to-be in Surrey appealed to my preference for small projects. Taking into account the season and temperature, several patterns and sizes of bootees drew my attention and have resulted in 4 pairs winging their way to Norway. It was pink or blue in my day, with the occasional yellow or white knitted mittens, hats and cardigans, but now anything goes.

With a strong hint that a baby girl was expected, a pink pair was first on the list, followed by mint green, mauve and white (with a blue pair in the wings, just in case…)


These pink, white and mauve/white cuties were made from a free online pattern Babbity Baby Booties By Marianna’s Lazy Days. The beauty of the pattern is the size option for new born or for babies of 3 months.  The mint green bootees were knitted using another of Marianna’s free patterns – these are Danika Baby Booties

All these are so easy to knit in front of the TV with the details for the cuff in this latter pattern giving that extra interest (I admit I did have to rewind my TV programme occasionally).

Another pattern looked interesting – Reno Baby Bootees – and I knitted one, just one.  This demonstrates the need to check you are using the recommended yarn and needles.  I can vouch for the fact that this pattern is quick and easy to knit up, whether for a baby, or a doll (my bad!)


The next batch which recently went off to new born Thomas comprised Danika and Babbity booties and a yellow/white pair of the Easiest Baby Booties Ever  This super pattern does what it says on the tin and, sized for new born, 3, 6 and 9 months old babies, it is brilliant to be able to present a set of booties which keep up with the growing baby .

Last but not least, a pink pair of Danika bootees and a pair of Charlie Baby Bootees  for a June baby. As I’d played with different coloured yarns to edge other pairs, and I was at that time knitting in the shade in the garden, I imagined a garden scene in yarn and so, with green for the grass, blue for the sky, yellow for the sun and pink for the flowers, it was a perfect design for baby Betsy to grow into and for mum and dad to remember back to  the warm summer months when she was born as these Charlie bootees keep her toes warm through autumn and winter.


(Marianna’s pattern for Charlie Baby Bootees is very easy to make and sized for premature, new born and 3 months old babies.  I once knitted a set of these for a large stuffed rabbit, but that’s another story…)

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