My toad-loving friend and I reached the anniversary of meeting each other 50 years earlier (how did that happen?).  This time, a toad (or a frog, we’re not particular) wouldn’t really do, even though the amphibian affinity began early on in our friendship.  It should really be something that marked the literal beginning.  It was Decimalisation Day; surely there would be something knittable within the currency theme?  Nothing inspiring, as it turned out.  I haven’t mastered basic crochet skills and I suspect coins are a perfect crochet go-to.  How about the school logo?

An oak leaf, half yellow, half bottle green.  A school logo key ring.  I couldn’t manage the half and half colour on each side, so one full colour on each side was the answer.   And the logo has changed (it’s now two oak leaves and an acorn, tch) so this represents a symbol of the past as well as a token of long-lasting friendship.






Thank you to Frankie for the oak leaf pattern from her Woodland Wreath series of patterns, which can be found here



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